You must purchase admission to be able to bottle feed.  If purchasing online, your ticket will include admission:

  • Goat Kids & Yak Calves  ~  $3.00 per bottle
  • Fawns & Elk Calves   ~  $3.00 per bottle

While supplies last, we also have hay cubes and pellets available for purchase to feed the animals.

  • Hay Cubes  ~  $1.00 per cup
  • Pellets  ~  $2.00 per cup


Depending on how many babies are available at the time, you may be able to schedule a time to bottle feed the babies.  We feed the deer fawns, baby yaks, goats, piglets, and elk calves 3 times throughout the day where visitors can help, starting at 10:30 am each day.  These schedules are subject to change without notice.  If you are purchasing online, please make sure your bottle feeding time doesn’t overlap with other items you are scheduling, such as an evening Wildlife Safari Tour.  Bottle Feeding takes about 15 minutes and your tour will take close to an hour (example:  DO NOT SCHEDULE a 6 pm tour and a 6:45 bottle feeding).


  • Goat Kids
  • Yak Calves
  • Piglets
  • Fawns
  • Elk Calves